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We Use AI to Help
Automate Road and Related Network Assessments

Optimise the Best Use of Available Budgets

We believe that the current way our most important infrastructure assets such as roads and bridges are reviewed and managed can be improved by evolving the way we approach current maintenance activities and through the adoption of technology. 

Through our advancements, we enable road asset professionals to make more informed and timely decisions from frequently and objectively collected data utilising an automated road surface inspection approach that identifies how pavement assets are performing and therefore offer the ability to proactively deliver outcomes that maximise the value of each dollar available. This is our commitment.

Why Did We Develop Maintain-AI?

When Working With a Limited Road Asset Maintenance Budget, the Goal is to Maximise the Value of Each Dollar. This is what we aim to do.

Good Roads Cost Less!
Save the Good Roads.

We Also Collect and Analyse Data for

Footpaths / Side Walks

Maintain-AI uses the most promising approaches in computer vision and machine learning models to detect the different defect types and severity of distresses as well as identifying and assessing numerous other associated infrastructure elements from collected road network images.

We believe in the evidence that consistent objective network inspections and regular preventative maintenance, regardless if we detect every single pavement issue or not, saves time and money. 

The Concept of Pavement Preservation Keeps the Good Roads Good.

Inspect Your Roads More Often to Make Better Decisions.

How Does Maintain-AI Work?

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Maintain-AI provides an industry leading automated road survey solution to help users responsible for road network asset management:

  • optimise the use of available funding,

  • better communicate funding needs,

  • more objectively assess, monitor and support the management of your entire pavement network and

  • improve the efficiency of other useful, more expensive systems.

Our philosophy is established on  "Good Roads Should Cost Less" therefore our goal is to work with industry to help 'keep the good roads good' by delivering a solution that supports more frequent and consistent road inspections and thus enables a marked improvement to data collection times, subjectivity, network visualisation and understanding cost impacts when compared to other traditional assessments and approaches.

Effective Pavement and Infrastructure Management Must Have Accurate and Consistently Collected Data.

Prevention is Better Than Cure.

What Benefits Does Maintain-AI Deliver?

We Take Pride in Our Growing Numbers




Productivity Increase




Achieved Reliability




Cost Efficiency



Object Detections



Years of Experience

Consistent and objective pavement inspections will provide positive returns on investment through savings derived across network maintenance activities but can only work if asset owners and maintainers evolve their current approaches to preservation inspection and assessment strategies.

Maintain-AI recognises that business models cannot be monolithic and hence why we offer flexible options with or without long-term commitments.

We encourage you to try Maintain-AI’s machine learning solution to gauge suitability to your requirements.

Pavement Rehabilitation is the Largest Cost in a Road Maintenance Budget.

Flexible Commercial Approach

Are You Ready to Accelerate
How You Analyse and Manage Your Pavement Network Assets?


As Asset Owners and Maintainers, by working with Maintain-AI, you will be able to more easily gather data and collect consistent pavement and surrounding infrastructure information more objectively and cost effectively, analysed through innovative Machine Learning algorithms and recorded and reviewed through intuitive dashboards.

We acknowledge that our technology does not yet totally replace existing techniques of pavement network analysis, but Maintain-AI is constantly evolving. Our roads will not wait for the ideal technology to identify their problems. Road conditions will continue to degrade at an exponential rate unless we take action, thus our goal is to assist asset owners and maintainers in any way we can. Step 1 is to collect data on a consistent basis, objectively and efficiently.


Interested in a test drive? Work with us.

Interested To Partner and Work With Us?

We Are on a Journey to Support Leaders Make More Informed Decisions But We Only Have Some of the Solutions.

Let's Work Together.

We are continually on the lookout for like-minded new partners and organisations we can collaborate together with to collectively support the infrastructure and transport sectors to constantly improve how our most important assets are inspected, analysed and managed.

By working together, we can better maximise the value of each dollar spent on asset management activities, and more importantly, improve user safety.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." 

Helen Keller

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