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What is Maintain-AI?

An Innovative Artificial Intelligence Road Network Assessment Solution

The Maintain-AI solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically inspect and analyse the performance of pavements and associated infrastructure within a road network. 


Using Maintain-AI's AI Solution supports users in quickly identifying pavement defects and aggregating other infrastructure data sets within a road network to make better and more timely decisions in assigning resources and budgets in the maintenance and management of important road and associated assets.

Maintain-AI also provides guidance on the appropriate maintenance and repair strategies that offer the most cost effective benefits to preserve and consistently improve the integrity of the pavement network.

Did you know?

Infrequent monitoring of a road network diminishes the accuracy of assessing road infrastructure needs and of evaluating road maintenance effectively.

Successful pavement asset management relies upon current, accurate and consistently collected data.

Providing a Better Way of Analysing a Road Network Should Be Simpler 

Maintain-AI Process Steps

Using our Maintain-AI Solution will avoid premature pavement defect maintenance but will also detect and prevent overdue pavement maintenance and repairs.

Advantages of Using Maintain-AI

Not Just A Pavement Defect Detection Tool

Maintain-AI’s automated pavement and network infrastructure assessment and data collection solution provides a safer, faster and more time-effective means of data aggregation, analysis and ability to make actionable insights based on the present state of road network assets.

“Maintain-AI now provides the possibility of reliably assessing a road network on a more consistent basis.”

Requiring no specialised data collection equipment, Maintain-AI provides its users the ability to lower their road network survey costs, improve reliability and increase scalability.


Whilst streamlining the process of assessing road network data through the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Maintain-AI also has the ability to successfully extract and assess other road infrastructure information from the images collected.

Maintain-AI Delivers Advantages
in a Number of Key Areas

Maintain-AI Advantages

Key Benefits of Maintain-AI



Not only does Maintain-AI capture the condition of pavement distresses, we can also capture and assess other attributes across the road network from the same collected image data set. This broad scale in asset detection is what differentiates us. 



Maintain-AI increases the efficiency and productivity of network-level pavement evaluations using real-time automated detection software.

Maintain-AI enhances objectivity of defect ratings and supports less time in manual analysis.



When you consider an Automatic Road Analyser (ARAN) vehicle can cost over $1M+ to purchase and incur ~$100k in maintenance annually and manual inspections can also be a significant expense in cost and time, Maintain-AI’s AI automated solution offers considerable cost and efficiency advantages, not just for road defect assessments, but also general network inspections too. 



Maintain-AI's AI solution continuously improves its precision with every assessment we undertake.


Our solution detects distresses and network assets objectively with a high rate of repeatability of a measurement value.



The accuracy of Maintain-AI's defect and object detection AI solution when compared to a reference baseline is high.


We continue to refine our ability to improve our results and add other road network categories.

“...if money is short – and it usually is – there's only one rational course of action:​
  • Maintain existing roads before funding new ones. 
  • Inspect your roads more often to make better decisions.
  • Make sure it is done today, and even every day.
Because tomorrow, it will be much more expensive.”


(PIARC – World Road Association)

Compared to other current approaches, using Maintain-AI provides a more viable and appropriate solution in contrast to assessments using high-tech Laser Crack Measurement systems which are extremely costly to procure, maintain or sub-contract from third parties and which provide results that are too over sophisticated for the underlying requirements of pavement defect assessment and maintenance. Maintain-AI also provides a marked improvement to data collection times, subjectivity and costs when compared to manual surveys.

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