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The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Road Maintenance for Pavement Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised various industries and pavement management will be no exception. In fact, it will become a game changer through AI Road Maintenance.

Efficient, Effective and Economical - That's Maintain
Efficient, Effective and Economical - That's Maintain-AI

Current State of Play

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in pavement management and road maintenance as an automatic road analyser solution will lead to improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and public safety through its ability to automate the identification of maintenance and repair defects across pavements and associated network infrastructure.

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One of the key benefits of AI in pavement management is its ability to optimise the scheduling of maintenance and repair activities. Traditional pavement management systems rely on manual inspections and condition assessments or overly complex inspections that occur much too infrequently that use laser scanning vehicles. Manual road surface inspections can be time-consuming, being prone to errors and subjectivity whilst laser scanning vehicles provide results far too scrutinised for the cost incurred versus the benefits this granularity brings.

More frequent assessments with A.I will provide more detail to make more informed decisions.
More frequent assessments with A.I will provide more detail to make more informed decisions.

On the other hand, AI-based pavement inspection systems such as the industry leading automated road surface inspection solution offered by use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to gather data and analyse images from video capture to objectively assess, report and record the condition of pavements. Whilst invariably not as accurate as laser scanning solutions, AI-based pavement inspection solutions can still provide many more advantages as they allow much more frequent assessments with sufficient detail and considerably lesser costs. This enables pavement asset owners the ability to undertake more timely road inspections and make more informed decisions to thus schedule maintenance and repair activities at the optimal time, thereby reducing the overall cost of pavement management. In best practice pavement maintenance, prevention is better than cure..

Maintain-AI’s philosophy is established on the premise "Good Roads Should Cost Less" therefore our goal is to work with industry to help 'Keep The Good Roads Good' by delivering a solution that enables a marked improvement to data collection times and analysis, subjectivity, network visualisation and understanding cost impacts when compared to other traditional assessments and approaches.

The 5 Key Benefits of Using Maintain-AI in Your Pavement Management Strategy

The 5 key benefits of using Maintain-AI in your pavement management strategy
The 5 key benefits of using Maintain-AI in your pavement management strategy

1. Improved Efficiency

  • Maintain-AI increases the efficiency and productivity of network-level pavement evaluations using real-time automated detection software.

  • Maintain-AI enhances objectivity of defect ratings and supports less time in manual analysis of current road conditions.

2. Increased Effectiveness

  • The accuracy of Maintain-AI's defect and object detection AI solution when compared to a reference baseline is comparable.

  • We continue to refine our ability to improve our results and add other road network categories.

3. Added Reliability

  • Maintain-AI's AI solution continuously improves its precision periodically the more assessments we undertake.

  • Our solution detects distresses, defect types and network assets objectively with a high rate of repeatability of a measurement value to support a Road Authorities asset management process.

4. Enhanced Economics

  • When you consider an Automatic Road Analyser (ARAN) vehicle can cost over $1M+ to purchase and incur ~$100k in maintenance annually and manual inspections can also be a significant expense in cost and time, Maintain-AI’s AI automated solution offers considerable cost and efficiency advantages, not just for road defect assessments, but also general network road inspections too.

5. Better Scalability

  • Not only does Maintain-AI capture the condition of pavement distresses, we can also capture and assess other attributes across the road network from the same collected image data set. This broad scale in asset detection is what differentiates us.

Other benefits of AI in pavement management that should not be overlooked is its ability to improve the efficiency of maintenance and repair activities.

Traditional road inspections rely on manual labour, which can deliver moderate quality results, be time-consuming and therefore costly. AI-based pavement management systems, on the other hand, use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse data to identify the current condition state of an inspected pavement. The benefit if AI-based technology should not be seen as a strategy to remove people and labour, but rather, to better use their skill and time to make more informed decisions and take action on the most efficient and cost-effective methods for maintenance and repair activities. That is, AI-based technology will focus resources on higher value activities rather than on less value activities such as data collection. This enables pavement asset owners to significantly improve the overall performance of pavements to better serve the community and end-users.

Effective Pavement and Infrastructure Management Must Have Objective and Consistently Collected Data

In Summary: Artificial Intelligence for Optimising Road Maintenance Work

The integration of AI in pavement management will continue to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness and objective consistency in the inspection, maintenance and repair of pavements. The AI-based automated road inspection system offered by Maintain-AI delivers several key differentiations compared to traditional pavement inspection approaches, be it manual inspections or laser scanning solutions, such as advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, near real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities and the ability to consistently and more frequently be used to assess road networks to provide better insight into the condition of pavements. This better insight supports better maintenance strategies, more informed decisions and ultimately lower road maintenance costs.

Remember, good roads should cost less.

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Drive safely;

About Maintain-AI:

Maintain-AI aspires to support Governments, other Road Asset owners and Industry professionals transform pavement and network assessments through AI-driven solutions. Founded on the principle that "Good Roads Should Cost Less", we harness the power of computer vision and machine learning to automate road surface inspections. Our state-of-the-art tools detect road defects and assess related infrastructure, enabling professionals to make data-driven decisions. By advocating for the optimal use of maintenance budgets, we emphasise that well-maintained roads are more cost-effective across a road's complete asset lifecycle. Our commitment is to support regular, objective network inspections, ensuring that every maintenance dollar is maximised. With Maintain-AI, infrastructure asset management is not only efficient but also offers a clear return on investment through maintenance savings. Join us in our mission to make roads better, safer, more sustainable and more cost-effective. All road users deserve it.

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