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Strategic Road Maintenance Inspections: An Automated Approach for Better Roads

Maximise ROI with a Cost-Effective and More Efficient Solution to Your Road Maintenance Inspection Strategy

Automated Road Surface Inspection Using Machine Learning Can Reduce Road Maintenance Costs - Maintain-AI
Automated Road Surface Inspection Using Machine Learning Can Reduce Road Maintenance Costs - Learn More in This Article


Road maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring safety, mobility and economic development. Traditional approaches to road surface inspections are slow, expensive and prone to errors. However, with the advancements in technology, automated road assessments using artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions like Maintain-AI are transforming traditional approaches to road surface inspections and road maintenance. This article will discuss the role of AI and automated inspection technologies within cost-effective road maintenance inspection strategies.

What is Automated Road Inspection and Why Should We Care?

Automated road inspections are becoming a very important area in transforming road maintenance. Other labels for this technology include automated road analysers, real-time road inspection and automated road data collection solutions. AI damage detection (or AI damage inspections) play a crucial role in this transformation, allowing for a more consistent and efficient identification and measurement of pavement defects, as explained in this blog post.

Using innovative solutions that are effectively automatic road analysers, such as Maintain-AI's solution, combine advanced computer vision and AI road maintenance techniques to revolutionise road defect detection. This automated road survey system enables almost real-time road inspection and AI damage detection, offering a cost-effective alternative to manual inspections, as detailed in their how it works page.

Where could AI-based road inspections help you? Explore the potential of AI in road maintenance with our evaluation tool; a data-driven approach to understanding and optimising your infrastructure strategies. Try it here.

The Benefits of an AI Approach - Cost Savings and Improved Efficiency

A cost-effective technique to support road maintenance strategies is via an automated road inspection utilising computer vision.

One major advantage of this technology is that it reassigns the need for human labour on mundane activities, which is also time-consuming and expensive. The focus of road professionals now can be on more proactive ‘value-adding’ activities. Manual road inspections involve a lot of resources such as hiring and training personnel, acquiring equipment and conducting surveys. The use of computer vision reduces these costs and allows for faster and more regular results. Maintain-AI's platform, for example, can detect road defects in hours, not weeks, significantly improving the inspection process.

The optimal time to apply a treatment is not solely when the greatest improvement in condition is realised but when the greatest improvement in condition is realised at the lowest cost.

Road Surface Inspections That Are Too Infrequent Will Mean You Miss the Information to Know When to Apply the Most Optimal Treatment  - Maintain-AI
Road Surface Inspections That Are Too Infrequent Will Mean You Miss the Information to Know When to Apply the Most Optimal Treatment

In addition to cost savings, computer vision solutions can help optimise the use of resources by providing a lot more valuable data on the location and extent of pavement defects. This information can be used to prioritise maintenance activities, allocate resources and ensure that the most urgent repairs are conducted first. By using computer vision to identify and prioritise road defects, road maintenance professionals can allocate their resources more efficiently, saving both time and money.

Pavement Conditions and Preventative Maintenance

Automated road inspection technologies like Maintain-AI can provide detailed analysis of pavement conditions, including the detection of even the smallest defects. This data can be used to better plan the most appropriate type of treatment required during maintenance activities, as well as when to apply it, lowering the costs associated with road maintenance.

FACT: Infrequent monitoring of a road network diminishes the accuracy of assessing road infrastructure needs and of evaluating road maintenance effectively. Successful pavement asset management relies upon current, accurate and consistently collected data.

Furthermore, automated road inspection using computer vision can support preventative maintenance. By identifying pavement defects early, road maintenance professionals can address these issues before they become more serious and costly to repair. This proactive, planned maintenance approach is more cost-effective than reactive maintenance, which requires more resources and is more costly.

Improved Safety and Data-Driven Decision Making

Automated road inspection technology not only makes road maintenance more cost-effective but also improves road safety. By identifying potential hazards such as potholes and cracks before they become a safety issue, road maintenance professionals can address them proactively, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Moreover, automated road inspection technology empowers road asset owners, government and maintenance professionals to make data-driven decisions. By collecting and analysing data from automated inspections, these stakeholders can gain a deeper understanding of the condition of their roads and make informed decisions about where to invest resources, which areas to prioritise for maintenance, and how to allocate their budgets most effectively, as highlighted in this FAQ post.

For example, data from computer vision-based inspection technology can help road asset owners understand their network's performance through more up-to-date degradation curves, allowing them to identify areas or roads that require more frequent maintenance due to high traffic volume, environmental factors, or other conditions. By targeting these areas for proactive maintenance, road asset owners can ensure that their roads remain safe and functional while minimising long-term maintenance costs.

In addition, data-driven decision-making enables road maintenance professionals to optimise their repair and maintenance strategies. For example, they can choose the most cost-effective materials and techniques for specific road conditions, reducing both the cost of road repair and the impact on the environment.

Reducing the Cost of Road Maintenance with Maintain-AI

Maintain-AI offers a robust AI-powered road maintenance and inspection solution that helps road asset owners and maintenance professionals save time, reduce costs and improve road safety. Their solution performs like an automated road analyser that provides consistent data-driven insights to support cost-effective road maintenance inspection strategies.

Artificial Intelligence with cameras can stop cracks from turning into potholes.

By leveraging Maintain-AI's next-generation road maintenance technology, road asset owners and maintenance professionals can significantly reduce the cost of road maintenance, improve the quality of their roads and make data-driven decisions that prioritise safety and efficiency.


With increased adoption, the use of computer vision in road maintenance inspections will continue to revolutionise the industry by providing more consistent, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The implementation of automated road assessments that provides near real-time road inspections and automated damage detection, like Maintain-AI, will continue to improve the overall quality and safety of road networks. By leveraging AI-powered road maintenance solutions, road asset owners, government agencies and maintenance professionals can now make more informed data-driven decisions on how to allocate resources and prioritise maintenance activities. This not only saves time and money but also improves road safety and the driving experience for motorists.

The Key Benefits of Using Maintain-AI in Your Road Maintenance Strategy - Maintain-AI
The Key Benefits of Using Maintain-AI in Your Road Maintenance Strategy

It is clear that the traditional manual inspection methods of the past are no longer practical in today's fast-paced world. The ability to collect, process and analyse large amounts of data in real-time has become increasingly critical for effective and efficient road maintenance. As the technology continues to improve and evolve, it is expected that automated road inspections using computer vision will become the standard approach to road maintenance inspections, or at the very least, complimentary to a hybrid strategy. This will lead to better-managed road networks, reduced maintenance costs and ultimately, safer roads for all.

The implementation of cost-effective road maintenance inspection strategies using computer vision technology can provide an excellent solution to the challenges facing the road maintenance industry. Road asset owners, government agencies and maintenance professionals must continue to embrace this technology to achieve the highest level of safety, efficiency and cost savings.

Computer vision solutions are not infallible, but no solution is. Maintain-AI however does provide a step change in productivity and an overall improvement in our abilities to understand the health state of our road networks more consistently and timely which equals more informed decisions.

Road maintenance is a complex task involving various factors, such as cost, performance and compliance. With the introduction of AI and automated road assessment technologies, road maintenance can be streamlined and resources can be allocated more efficiently. By leveraging the power of AI and computer vision, Maintain-AI offers a solution that can significantly improve the road maintenance process.

Remember, good roads should cost less! Let's work together.

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Drive safely;

About Maintain-AI:

Maintain-AI aspires to support Governments, other Road Asset owners and Industry professionals transform pavement and network assessments through AI-driven solutions. Founded on the principle that "Good Roads Should Cost Less", we harness the power of computer vision and machine learning to automate road surface inspections. Our state-of-the-art tools detect road defects and assess related infrastructure, enabling professionals to make data-driven decisions. By advocating for the optimal use of maintenance budgets, we emphasise that well-maintained roads are more cost-effective across a road's complete asset lifecycle. Our commitment is to support regular, objective network inspections, ensuring that every maintenance dollar is maximised. With Maintain-AI, infrastructure asset management is not only efficient but also offers a clear return on investment through maintenance savings. Join us in our mission to make roads better, safer, more sustainable and more cost-effective. All road users deserve it.

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